Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Green Cards, and I don't mean AmEx.

This is a good article covering the plight of indian and other highly skilled workers in America today. It's easy to look at this ethnic group and see the lexuses, spoiled kids, and fancy homes, think that they're wealthy and don't really have problems worth noting. But, immigration is an issue that affects this small group as strongly as it affects day laborers from Mexico. Any immigration reform has to take this into account, and if America is to continue to be an innovation leader, should encourage the citizenship process of this imported labor at the high end of the job spectrum.
On a related note, it's great to see the indian community using their wealth to acheive political ends. We spend a lot of time distinguishing ourselves as gujus, punjabis, telugu, whatever, when nobody else really sees that distinction. When there are only 2 million of us, we're all indian. And probably all doctors and computer programmers.


Blogger Adam Badam said...

and, increasingly, attorneys.

which reminds me, sanj. ameeta. yums for you!

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