Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, i've been talking a lot with friends and family about th eworld cup. Particularly "the head butt." in generally, i'm mostly dismayed and saddened by the end to the great zizou's career. For me, he is still a great footballer. I think what draws me to him is the story of his rise. I am always rooting for people that come from hardscrabble, non traditional backgrounds. Here's a guy that grew up in projects, wasn't wanted by his local clubs and had to earn his way to the top. And when he got there, political leaders in his country, where he was born, said that he wasn't an accurate representaiton of France. Rising above that, he perservered to become one of the greatest of his generation. And this talk of him being remembered for a headbutt. Which he gave to a guy, who, as i read more about him, is pretty obviously a jerk...truly sad. No worries, though. Zizou is still admirable to me.


Anonymous socalgal said...

just admit it, you chose the wrong team, clear and simple.

12:51 AM  

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