Friday, December 17, 2004

So yesterday my dad had a minor surgery (that took THREE hours) to get him ready for regular dialysis treatment. So i went to the hospital with him. Fortunately, i had plenty to occupy me, as i was also responsible for completing two final exams. One of which i did while sitting in the "Family Waiting Area." Why can't they just call this the lobby? Weirdos. anyway, a couple thoughts from the experience:
1) My life is 180 degrees different from one month ago. It's absurd. I was having a cup of coffee and a croissant at the hospital, and while trying to swallow this doughy, gross confection they label a croissant with the watery coffee, i was thinkinab about how i was taking breaks from class, and having the wonderful croissant/pain au chocolat and cafe withfellow students a few weeks ago. But i have a lady with an oxygen tank here - so good times were still possible!
2) IV's are GROSS! I don't care how many times you get it done, it is still disgusting to watch them stick the damn iv into your arm. ugh. Funny thing is, my dad actually has a preference on where to put the iv. You know you've been to the hospital too often when you actually prefer an IV in one place over another. ugh.

Anyway, dad's surgery went well, and we're poppin' vicodin to celebrate. Come on Over!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

So i assume by now most have you heard about the fake bomb-suitcase that made it's way onto a plane at newark. Pity the americna security forces. But it could be worse. A couple weeks ago, at Charles De Gaulle airport, french gendarmes were training bomb-sniffing dogs to find plastic explosive in a suitcase. One dog found the suitcase. But the second one didn't. And the suitcase made it on a plane. Last i read, they didn't even know which plane it was on.
This should be the basis for the thaw in Franco-American relations. We're both arrogant, incompetent, stubborn idiots. Let's be friends!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Th winter meetings are just kicking off now. It's pretty exciting stuff. I know football is going on, and GW's rocking the heezy, but i'm still a baseball fan at heart. I can't wait for next season. Although i'm not too excited about all this trade sosa talk. Of all of the trade options i've heard, none are appealing to me. What i don't understand is why the cubs just don't suck it up, keep sosa for a year, and go after beltran. I mean, if sosa knows he's either A) a midseason trade prospect, or B) a free agent after next season, he's got no choice but to put up monster numbers to get the money he wants. So, keep him. Let us revel in his mercenary abilities. Why take on a guy like Cliff Floyd or Shawn Green, when there's good wood left in sosa's bats?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Okay, so it's frickin' freezing in chicago. Cold. I don't know what the deal is. It's gray, i haven't seen the sun in like four days (did it burn out?). Ugh. The funny thing is, i grew up in this, i should be used to it. Unfortunately, this is a childhood tradition i'm happy to shed. Oh to be in the sun again - without a jacket, and my birkenstocks on. Hopefully soon.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

So i'm back in chicago now. Mostly because my dad has taken ill. His kidneys have failed and he's on dialysis now. Watching him go through this has given me new found appreciation for the abilty to go No. 1 on a regular basis. I used to curse my small bladder and the neccessity of going to the bathroom frequently at bars. But NO MORE! I will pee with pride! Join me!