Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Green Cards, and I don't mean AmEx.

This is a good article covering the plight of indian and other highly skilled workers in America today. It's easy to look at this ethnic group and see the lexuses, spoiled kids, and fancy homes, think that they're wealthy and don't really have problems worth noting. But, immigration is an issue that affects this small group as strongly as it affects day laborers from Mexico. Any immigration reform has to take this into account, and if America is to continue to be an innovation leader, should encourage the citizenship process of this imported labor at the high end of the job spectrum.
On a related note, it's great to see the indian community using their wealth to acheive political ends. We spend a lot of time distinguishing ourselves as gujus, punjabis, telugu, whatever, when nobody else really sees that distinction. When there are only 2 million of us, we're all indian. And probably all doctors and computer programmers.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Allez L'OM!

In the French Cup final on Saturday, against PSG no less. A win brings them their first title in 15 years. They've been rocking and rolling through the tournament, knocking off Lyon in the quarters.

Flight 93

Lot of news about this flight this week, with the opening of the movie and all. I don't really have any feelings either way on the movie being made, since i think it's gonna be lifetime quality stuff, and will probably just line some rich producers pockets.
Then there's this whole deal over building a monument to that flight in a cornfield in PA. IF they want to build it, fine. I'd rather the $60 million be spent on better TSA procedures, but, obviously, that's less important thatn 1200 acres in a part of pennsylvania that most people would consider flyover country.
And if a few people want to continue living in that day five years ago, that's their prerogative. Personally, i think that accepting terrorism as a fact of american hegemony (what's left of it) and working to change world opinion diplomatically and through our actions is the proper course.
I'm always unsure why we accord the families of these victims such a loud voice. Yes, their loss was sudden and great, but that doesn't make them any more well versed in politics, policy or diplomacy. I guess it's another case of journalism chasing emotionally compelling stories, rather than things of actual importance.

Goose on TV...

Dunno if any of you saw this, but my friend goose, who teaches at a school on the south side of chicago made the news yesterday. Follow the link to read about it....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

it's over...

three hours of flag football, a pulled back muscle, and general wearniess have conspired to make me pull the plug on my little experiment. I made it three days though. Which i think is the longest i've ever gone without food. Essentially, i'm no Gandhi.
Now, i'm off to eat some dinner.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day 2 complete...

well, today i survived several tests. The aforementioned morning illness nearly did me in, but i rebounded, picked up steam, and headed into the evening ready to do battle. This was my first test of the fast while going out and "doing things." So a group of us went bowling. First challenge, beer. Which was tough, but i held back. Then, food. First round, was bowling alley food - burgers, fries, etc. It wasn't too bad. After bowling, italian food. This nearly killed me.
Anyway, I head into day three, feeling pretty strong. i still have hunger pangs, and a headache which comes and goes. But my spirits are pretty high, so, all systems go.

Day two, not so good...

so, last night i decided to watch the biopic of the master faster, Gandhi. A fantastic movie. If only my morning had gone as fantastically. I started the morning with a Salt Water bath, which basically, is 32 ounces of salt water, that you drink. It's supposed to help flush out your system. Well, i guess it worked, if worked means that i threw up, and was crapping every 20 minutes for an hour and a half. Not pleasant. I'm pretty tired, and not sure if i can make it through the weekend. No way that i'm doing that salt water crap again.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Day one complete...

so it's finished. 80 ounces of lemon water, and a cup of tea later, and i have a headache and desire to sleep. Hopefully the "energy" others talked of appear tomorrow.

The Master Cleanser

I've told some of you about this, but it's actually happening. Today, i started the master cleanse. Essentially, it's 10 days of no food, and no drink except for a lemonade concoction. It's supposed to detoxify you and purify your system. I have no idea how it will end up, but the beginning isn't so bad. other than a slight headache from no food, and the morning bathroom rush from the laxative tea at night (recommended), it's easy going so far.
Check back for updates.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oh no....

derrek lee. out for two months. When is spring training again?

who needs ice?

when this hits the market

Bush's Shake Up...

Thoughts on the announced "shake-up" of white house staff - While i know that Bush is long overdue for some fresh thinking, it's not really in the west wing where he needs it. It's in the OEOB with the VP, at DoD, and at State on 23rd.
Part of me wonders, is this a little "look over here while i screw you over here" play? Now, the fourth estate goes into full "white house caves/is in disarray/they have no focus" analysis pieces, which is EXACTLY what they wanted since they were tired of the "white house embattled" story angles. And all the while, Cheney and Rummy keep pulling W's strings while they eff us.

Monday, April 17, 2006

West Wing...

After last night's episode, can i just say i'm gonna miss president bartlet? It's sad, but true. I love those guys.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maybe the Third Reich had it right?

Could the serbians really be that dumb? Check out the article for the full story. And where would that place africans and indians? Does it make canadians the smartest of all? i'm confused....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nothing Personal, Just Business...

for some reason, i find the news that the head of Cosa Nostra was arrested a little sad. There's something romantic about this mafia boss, and the idea that sicily is still run through these networks. I guess i'll have to rely on chicago to provide me new inspiration...

I'm officially terrified....

This op-ed did it to me. Please, please, let 2008 get here tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cubs Week 1

Well, in general, i don't think the first week of the season could have gone much better. Extended Hendry's deal - despite his missteps, i think he's consistently put out a team that at the beginning of the year, should contend, and tried to improve the team at midseason every year. Lee is locked up for his prime years - which is great news, and at a reasonable price. Funny thing is, coming off a season like he did, Sosa would have asked for $20M a year. Lee, happy with $13.
Plus, the sweep of the Cards was nice, and it looks like the rookies might be able to play.
We'll see how week two goes.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

God Doesn't Answer Prayers?

This is a pretty funny article, and I love to read about religious types further trying to explain away why they can't communicate with God. Check it out
Davis would have answered.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i just started an account there. bookmark it to see where i'm surfing....

There are no more excuses...

The new Macintoshes will officially let you choose between booting into OS X or Windows. This makes Apple the only hardware provider to allow users to choose whether they want to run Windows, Linux, or the Mac OS. Where's my credit card....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Thanks for Smoking...

Caught this movie over the weekend, and was very pleased. It's sharp, witty, and generally makes sense. Plus it features Katie Holmes, who i am once again in love with, now that the Tom Cruise mania has died down. And to think the director is my age. Yikes. What am i doing with my life.
Anyway, i recommend you go see it. And, tell me if you could see me in the title role. Becuase it's a possibility.