Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Update...

In honor of the great anchors who have sat behind the weekend update desk, i offer this thoroughly uninspired update on my weekend:
Friday, went out for a long overdue evening in Koreatown. It might possibly be one of my top five favorite neighborhoods in LA. I love the restaurants (korean BBQ, bibimbap, weird preparations of egg and fish), the nightlife (clubbing and karaoke, who could ask for more). And, i always go with my friend James, who being korean, manages to make an evening where i never talk to anyone except those i am with. The service staff always talks to him, i have no idea what he orders. i just know it's bound to be a good time. I could only hope to one day squire people around devon ave. with the same authority. Sadly, patel bros. is no substitute for the karaoke rooms.
Saturday, my sister and I conspired to create a spanish restaurant in the Casa Gajiwala. Sona was in charge of whipping up some sangria and tapas, and i went to town on a batch o' paella (of which we still have mind boggling quantities left) All went well, and even though we had a crap load of dishes to do on sunday, the cleaning was eased by the use of our yet-unamed roomba (molex was nixed). I just set it, it went crazy all over the living room, whilst i watched movies on hbo (including anchorman for the 57th time this year).
You stay classy, blog readers. And thanks for stopping by. But mostly stay classy.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Posting again...

So i was recently admonished for my lack of posts on the blog. ANd it's true. i'm a blogging slacker. but, admittedly, there hasn't been all that much exciting happening that i consider to be blog-worthy. But i'll make it up as i go along. The newest, and most exciting news is that my sister and I have received some cool gifts ove rthe past few weeks. first, a friend of ours returned from egypt bearing gifts - a hookah (or shisha, depending on your region of the world) and a bottle of absinthe. Now, this would have been the end of me had the old, 2005 sanjiv gajiwala still been around. But the new, evangelist of moderation gajiwala is unaffected. Unless the absinthe (or other alcohol) and hookah are combined, in which case i pass out with my head hanging out the window.
But, this incapaciation results in no deleterious effects, because of gift #2 - a roomba! It's a terrifying, but satisfying thing, since it vacuums a room without any effort on my part. Although, since the company that manufactures it also makes military robots, it's possible that my yet-to-be-named (i'll take any suggestions below) Robot Vacuum could turn into a terminator like droid that sucks me up through it's air filter.
ANyway, that's all for now, more to come, i promise.

Friday, January 06, 2006

2 months??

Has it really been two months since my last post? whoa. The holiday season appears to have gobbled me whole. Well, in lieu of some mega post a la mr. srivastava, here's a quickie update as to my life over the last 4 fortnights...
-I had a birthday. Not too exciting
-I went camping. It's weird how i've become a "camper." Although, my definition of camping is decidedly different, in that we drive to some beautiful, scenic place, hike a bit, and then spend the rest of the weekend trying to start a fire. Luckily, mr. cuervo always sees fit to join me on this excursions.
-A friend visited me for Thanksgiving, and i cooked part of a turkey. It was my maiden effort. it went well, i think. And i thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.
-Work continues apace. There may be some exciting things in store in 2006. We'll see. Change is always good - at least in my opinion
-I visited chicago. mild, and pleasant.
-i rang in the new year in a manner very un-gajiwala like, in that it didn't involve a huge to-do over a party. But it was very nice to share the evening with friends, old and new. Plus, i got to see the Mule again. Three years is too long.
-I became a lukewarm USC supporter. If only because of the incessant news in LA. The rose bowl was a fantastic football game though.
-the bears have taken front and center in my life. that and a 42 inch hdtv that my friends purchased. good times by all.
-i discovered Engadget and Luxist. I highly recommend both
anyway, i want to blog more often, so keep your eyes on this spot.