Sunday, April 17, 2005

Only in L.A.

Listen to my night last night:
My friend sotiris and i were standing at a valet stand on hollywood blvd (our new jobs, as we have just graduated), and he goes "oooh - lamborghini." I look out at the street, and I say "no that's a ferrari, i think." Then he's like "no, it's a yellow lambo." We both look again - and there are two yellow cars on the street - a ferrari, in front of a lamborghini. Ridiculous.
Later that evening, we went from one club to another party, and there was TRAFFIC at 11:45pm on a saturday night. I will never understand that.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Summer Starts?

Okay, i've been complaining about the weather here, but it's definitely taken a turn for the better. SO much so that there are 2 "Summer's Back" parties scheduled this weekend. ONly in LA does the summer start on April 9th. I love it.

More than meets the eye

They're making a live-action transformers movie!!!! very exciting news. I feel 7 years old again.