Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hiatus over...

So my long wanderings through the jungle that is suburbia have finally spurred me to action. In particular, one occasion/location. This friday past, i went to dinner at Blu Coral, a new sushi bar in beloved Woodridge. The meal was excellent, as they have creative maki and nigiri, albeit expensive. The real boondoggle however, was at 10;30 pm, when they began to clear away tables in the dining room, and a B96 DJ appeared. IT TURNS INTO A CLUB. WITH B96 DJs. But, there's more. There were Go-Go Dancers, Shot Girls, Beer Tub Girls and a Bathroom attendant. IN WOODRIDGE. NEXT TO A BUFFALO WILD WINGS. Ridiculous.
Not to mention a fellow i over heard saying how excited he was that something like this was in the suburbs. and then he mentioned his age - 49!!! At which point i then offered my own eyeballs for a special sushi roll to be served that evening. YIKES.
Back with more soon.