Friday, October 28, 2005

Go Sox (i guess)

I've had mixed feelings all week about the Sox winning the world series. While i wish the cubs would have done it first, and i fear the media pressure will be unbearable next year, after seeing the pictures from the ticker tape parade and celebration, i finally can say - I'm happy to see them win. The city deserves it, and the team played hard all year long. I only hope the cubs will make it there soon.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

a sick feeling...

is it weird that i feel uneasy about the sox being in the WS? like, i'm happy (i think), but i wish the cubs had made it there first. esp. when it looks like they'll be going up against division rivals houston or st. louis. Who to root for?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Caribbean Queen?

tournament work has started - so that means my beach time has been shifted to the evenings. last night there was a lightening storm off the coast of venezuela - it was cool to watch it from curacao.
last few days have been a good mix of work and relaxation. Work during the day - spend the evening in the pool sipping mojitos (they make a good one here!).I had a chance to explore the port city - willemstad. That's the one from all the pictures with the multicolored dutch colonial buildings - pretty cool stuff. Also saw the oldest continuiously active synagogue in the westerne hemisphere - it opened in the 1600s or something. A colleague of mine is Jewish, so were going to go to the yom kippur services there this week - should be interesting to see the caribbean take on judaism. I also just learned that later this week, as we're wrapping up, an adult-oriented website is having it's retreat at the hotel. Apparently the Hottub was the place to be last year...i'll see what else i can find out.
I've beent rying to take as many pics as possible - but it's a little hard while working. I'll try to post when i return to LA.
in reference to a previous comment - it's 78 degrees at NIGHT - like 2 am. Durign the day, it's tipping the mid to high 90's.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

blue curacao...

well, i arrived in curacao last night to 78 degree weather at 8:30 pm. it's hot, and humid here. reminds me a bit of india. But the hotel is very nice. and the ocean looks great from my air-conditioned room. I tried to run this morning, but the sun was beating me like a rented mule. I think i'll just lounge by the pool instead. It seems better - esp. with the european chickies enjoying their holidays. Hope to meet more of them tonight. there was a calypso band playing in the lounge, and all the drinks are slushy and fruity. There's also a casino, but the dealers are no fun.
Today starts actual work, i think :( - but i hear the place to be on saturday nights is the mambo club on the beach. i'll let you know how it goes.