Monday, March 14, 2005


Here's a quick update on my weekend and other news. I went to the viper room this weekend. For those that remember the early 90's - the viper room is the club on sunset owned by johnny depp where river phoenix overdosed and died on the sidewalk. Anyway, the greeks were interested in some hollywoodity, so we hit it. Ingeneral, it reconfirmed to me that the sunset clubs are generally overrated. The bands were okay - but i could have just listened to a linkin park or limp bizkit cd and been equally satisfied. Highlight of the evening may have been the dj between sets - he played such classics as Ice Ice Baby, and Too Close by Next. That is a great song. Teh follow-up, Wifey, was also good. But not at the level of comedy that Too Close attained.
Anyway. I also spent friday evening vegging out in front of a TV. Which was a totally new experience for me - as the first two months of 05 i lived in an apartment with no tv, and for the previous 5 months i was at home or in france, where solitary TV watching was not an option available. It was great - i reveled in bad and good movies (bad boys 2 and the godfather 3), sitcoms, and espn. An amazing time, really.
Also, i'm still frustrated by the california road systems. There was a landslide on PCH last monday (about half a mountain came crashing down), and they still haven't cleaned it up. So, my return trip on saturday from the 'Bu took over an hour and 15 min. Usually, it's a 30 minute trip. Damn Caltrans.