Thursday, February 16, 2006

Courtesy N. Nopulos

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney: Shooter in Chief

ok. while i think that it's pretty stupid that Cheney : A) went to hunt birds raised in captivity, and B) wasn't up front about it. Part of me is a little proud of him. Why do we as a nation demand public mea culpas from people. The only person he owes an apology to is the dude he shot. Why does everyone else have to see cheney cry? Let a man be a man.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Isn't China a Communist Country?

Then why in the world are they selling a $25,000 platinum rose in Beijing?

BTW, happy valentine's day?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pics are up!

check them out here

Friday, February 10, 2006

That's my sister....

Who needs TV when you have Sona?
Update from yesterday's Grammy post: He Called! I come home last night (with our two boarders) and who is my sister on the phone with? None other than the real deal. Apparently, he was "thinking of her" all day, and gave her a ring while waiting for his flight back to Alabama. He claims he's been to india four times since 2003, so he's down with the curry. Either india or indonesia, he's not quite sure, actually.
My sister, steals Evander's heart. Naturally, Rogge and I went right to work putting together a celebrity moniker for them, a la Brangelina. First out was Sovander. Then we tried Gajifield. Finally, the obvious choice Holywala!
Anyway, Evander says he'll come back to LA "if she wants him to." My quest to become the Indian Don King continues....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's the Shizzle

Check out - it'll let you translate any site in jive. try my blog out. try your blog out. try out a George F. Will column. You'll love it. I guarantee it.


Forget about the actual event. Last night, my hooked-up sister managed to come across some tickets for the official grammy's afterparty/celebration. Which was pretty damn cool. It was mostly filled with industry people, but there were a solid number of b-list celebrities. We had a Ron Jeremy sighting, a Joe Jackson (of Michael Jackson fame) sighting, and Evander Holyfield. Who my sister was chatting up for the better part of an hour. Evander (as she now calls him) even took down her phone number. That's my sister.
Best parts were: Free booze courtesy of Belvedere, Patron, and Heineken. Free Food which was pretty good and included a hot brownie sundae bar. Weird performance art which included a dude in briefs with a leaf blower, blowing it at a woman in a sheer white dress. Performances by Earth Wind and Fire with Kelly Rowland, Will I. Am, Sleepy Brown, and Brian McKnight. I'll post pictures later tonight.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Super Bowl Whinings/Winnings...

So, it turns out that my take home pay from my various wagers/activities during the playoffs will total $470 on an investment of $72 which puts me at winnings of around $398. Currently, i'm leaning towards buying a new iPod, since my previous model was stolen last month when my car was broken into. But, I'm open to suggestions on how to spend this money. Post your ideas below.

Also, for all the fans who think the Seahawks got robbed by the refs in SBXL, i recommend this column as a perspective check.

Adam Carolla

So i've started listening to Adam Carolla's morning show. He's replaced howard stern in LA and some other markets. I think you can get a web stream of his show on the CBS radio site. He's funny. ANd since i didn't care for Stern all that much, i'm gonna say that Sirius bet on the wrong dude. Suckas!

Monday, February 06, 2006

XL Weekend...

This past weekend featured much mayhem and my seeing the best and worst of LA. A quick recap:
1) I tried this new deli thing that opened in Westwood: Famima!! It's kind of like a take on a Japanese 7-11. Fresh sushi, paninis, soup, bun and other food. crazy drinks, internet access. it's pretty cool. They're hoping to expand nationwide by 2009, so keep your eyes peeled.
2) i headed into the valley (shudder) friday night. but it turned out to be not so bad. ALthough, i was in studio city, which is about as good as the valley gets. Anyway, good times were had by all.
3)saturday featured a trip back to Malibu and the lovely Taverna Tony's, one of my favorite restaurants in LA. One for the memories of sotiris, nikos and geoff, and two for the food. We also happened to be sitting at a table next to Robert Duvall, which was pretty cool.
4) saturday night was reserved for going to see brokeback mountain. We wanted to go to a 4:10 show, so we left for the theater at 3:30. Unfortunately, we didn't even get in the vicinity of the theater until 4:20. Stupid LA traffic. So we went to the 7:15 show. The movie was excellent, with compelling characters that stay in your head for a while. I recommend it.
5) Sunday was superbowl time, kicked off with a rousing game of touch football. Even though it's touch football, i always end up sore in strange places the next day. But i enjoy it. Also, won $75 in a combination of prop bets and square pools, and managed to finish 3rd in my fantasy league, which should carry a prize of around $200. So that iPod may not be as far off as once thought...
Upcoming week should be pretty exciting, keep your eyes peeled.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Airfare Rules

I just came across this. As someone that hates not knowing how taxes are going to jack with me, i'm hoping that new regulations will force airlines to advertise the full price of airfare, including taxes. None of this plus taxes bull dooky.
Check out the blog posting here

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One More thing....

Not sure if you all read about cindy sheehan (the anti-war protester) getting arrested int eh capital for wearing a anti war t-shirt in the house chamber. Anyway, i learned for the first time that she's from berkeley. Is it just me, or when you hear about protesters and liberals from berkeley or other historically goofy places, doesn't it marginalize their viewpoint for you? It does for me. Same goes for conservatives from Georgia or Mississippi or whatever.

State of the Sanjiv....

On the heels of a yawn-worthy state of the union, i offer my own. The state of the sanjiv is Strong. Does that mean anything? I have a laundry list of initiatives for 2006, but i'd rather hit on some thoughts from yesterday's sotu.
1) It sounded a lot more like the bush of 2000, than the bush of 2004. I don't know which is more objectionable to you, but i preferred 2000 bush to more recent versions. Except for his whole "liberty is on the march" thing. Which is contradictory to his previously stated opposition to nation building. But, as i'm a fan of internationalism, using our influence abroad, and opening markets, i'll side with him on this one.
2) Hillary clinton is a smug, irritating woman. She can't even crack a smile when GW poked fun at Bill and him turning 60? seriously? yet she whoops and hollers with the other Dems when they cheer the fact that they did nothing to contribute to the SS debate or solution last year. Way to be inert, idiots.
3)I'm not sure what to make of his energy proposals. Unexpected to be sure, but i wonder how effective this can be without a forced increasing of CAFE standards in the next few years. SEriously, these number haven't been changed since the 70's? are you telling me we haven't discovered a way in the last 30 years to make all cars more fuel efficient?
4)Iraq/Iran/Middle East. I'm suffering from fatigue on this issue. We're there, it's not going well, but leaving is not an option. IN this case, if bush is too stubborn to get new advice or try new tactics, then perhaps we need change of pace. Unfortuantely, that's not going to happen for a few years. Bah.