Thursday, July 21, 2005

getting a little hot in herrre

so yesterday i was in the valley, and the thermometer hit 110! Too hot to live. Of course, in Santa Monica it was a balmy 82. Also pretty hot. And the breezes have been few and far between. So i sit, and i sweat. and i apply for jobs. MY life is dead sexy right now, don't ya think?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Lonely Guy

So on HBO recently, they've been playing a movie during the day, "The Lonely Guy". It's got Steve Martin and Charles Grodin - pretty funny. It's a story about being single and having nothing to do in the city. Which is kind of like my life right now. There's a scene where he's hearing news about how all these single people are killing themselves, and he goes to buy a fern. It's pretty funny. Bunny how HBO waits to show this movie when people who are home alone and have nothing to do can watch it. Makes you feel good about yourself.

New Order...

just downloaded the latest new order album, waiting for the sirens' call. It's pretty damn good. If you listen to it while you're listening to the killers' you might wonder what all the "hot fuss" is about. groups like cure, new order, et al just make fabulous music. i love it.

Flirting for the new millenium

Just read about this site - a new way to flirt. Sounds pretty interesting, and a bizarre way to get to know someone. i guess the only downer is not getting a sticker on you, when everyone else does. eep.

Crusades Redux?

I just finished reading a column on (registration required) about separationist vs. neutralist viewpoints on the whole church/state fiasco. And it occurred to me, in light of the earlier posting from Foreign Affairs, that part of what makes the US great is that we do allow a total assimilation and appreciation of all cultures and religions. If we pursue the separationist view, do we risk creating an alienated sub-class in our country determined to get their view heard once 43 is out of office?

RSS Feeds

if you haven't noticed, i've activated RSS for this blog. So for those of you using Firefox, Safari RSS, or some other reader (I don't think IE has an RSS functionality yet), you can keep up-to-date without having to constantly visit the site.

Misplaced civic priorities

This is what is wrong with "older cities" today. Much like millenium park, LA is so fixated on reinvigorating Downtown that they're ignoring other parts of the cities. I wish philanthropists would focus on philanthropy as definied for a love of humankind, not building trophy towers or parks. Eesh.

things i miss...

ok. so LA is fantastic, to be sure, but there's one thing i've been sorely missing since moving out here - the good old political discussion. Nobody here talks about politics, or if they do, it's just one lefty agreeing with another, with a healthy dose of cynicism thrown in. and international politics - forget it. What's more scintillating here are the machinations between Tom Cruise and Paramount over MI:3.
Anyway-a couple things i i've been reading and thinking about:
1)This whole Karl Rove thing - i wonder what's gonna happen? And from journalistic viewpoint, have is gone too far with the corporate liabilities AND the dependence on unnamed sources in reporting?
2)The supremes. Forget o'connor. the whole rehnquist thing reminds me of an episode of WW from a few seasons back. Bush should watch that rerun. Two justices, one from the left, one from the right - make 'em duke it out.
3)Terrorism and the G8 - i just finished a fine article in this months foreign affairs - i'd love to hear opinions on it - if anyone still reads my blog, that is. I've got to try to make this more interesting than just my ramblings.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the date is set...

i've done it. call me crazy, call me stupid, just call me. wait no. What i mean, is i've signed up for motorcycle riding lessons. August 5-7, 2005, i officially will fulfill a lifelong dream of mine. Of course i picked a dangerous city to do it in. but whatever. i'm doing it. If i'm gonna be unemployed, i'm going to push the envelope, dammit!

Sleep is for the meek...

So we're on night 3 of the no-sleep party i'm enjoying right now. Lemme tell ya something, not being able to sleep is a pretty tough racket. One, you can't make a racket becuase you might wake up the neighbors. Two, laying in bed is just torture, since there's nothing to do but think - which is what i've been doing a lot of. First, it occurred to me that ti's been a long time since i've had a good steak. I think the first order of business upon procuring new employment will definitely be to go out to a steakhouse. I feel like that's a worthy reward.
Another thoughts that struck me tonight - i'm totally uninterested in advertising. I think i've been so exposed my whole life, that i'm totally desensitized. I've been looking at magazines, trying to study the ads, to see what i'm interested in (for job purposes), and i can't stand it. Ads are so boring. There are really very few that capture you, and then, i usually can't even remember what the ad is about. The lone exception are ads that are unexpected, catch you by surprise, and make you do something right away. For example, during tonight's all-star game, chevy unfurled a banner for their new suv - the HHR. They've set up a site where people can submit content, and the promotion, while i'm sure coordinated with the fox crew, surprised me, and made me check out their site. I don't want the car, but it was a unique.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

All-Star Game

Thought while watching the all-star game:
1) with matt clement making the all-star team, i believe that every cubs starter from last year's team is now an all-star - Wood and Prior in 03, Z in 04, Maddux in the '90s. How did that team not win the division
2) it's amazing to me that rafael palmeiro is closing in on 3000 hits. That is simply amazing. They should keep mcgwire, bonds, and sosa out of the HoF until Raffy gets in. He should be there first. The others are hacks.
3)I'm so tired of yankee-red sox bs. Can we please pay attention to some other teams. The west coast is doing some amazing things. I never thought much about an east coast bias. but the way that the Angels and teh Athletics get ignored. Sheesh.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Guess who's back...

Anyway...after spending much of the last month and a half pondering the value of my life, i've decided to just shut the f up and do something interesting. Well, not interesting, but at least do something. So here's a quick rundown of everything since my last posting....graduated but still jobless, moved into an apartment in santa monica with my sister, where we have unofficially opened a youth hostel for indigent travelers from all corners of the universe, got really drunk and decided to try to be sober for two weeks (lasted four days), have spent an inordinate amount of time at the beach (so much so that sand is now among the things i may never be without), and continue to wait for companies to call me back after my seemingly good interviews.
Keeping my spirits high during this time were mr. jim beam, my sister, and a plethora of friends to whom i am indebted for many, many, lifetimes.
ANyway, random thoughts....Coldplay X&Y is an excellent album...i'm reading V.S. Naipaul's A House for Mr. Biswas. it's one of those books that makes me laugh spontaineously whilst i'm reading it...Summer in LA is a glorious thing, even if it is smoggy. Just doesn't get unbearably hot by the beach, you gotta love it....the cubs are an infuriating bunch. just when i think they're going to go on a roll, they bite the bullet...I've been watching a lot of dawson's creek lately. The angst was stressing me out. Funny, cuz i've had a little of my own angst lately, but nothing on par with joey/pacey/dawson. Those kids, that they made it through hs and college is something amazing. last thing. I'm running an informal poll, soliciting opinions on myself. All those who think i'm a cocky bastard, please explain why. All those that don't, i'd like to hear what you have to say also.